100 Beautiful Days – Day Eleven

Day Eleven

Let me tell you a story about a lady who, just this very morning, woke up tired and a little grumpy. She was snuggled under warm covers with fluffy pillows and fuzzy socks and not one little bit did she want to get up. But, since she was a grown up with a grown-up job and grown up responsibilities she reluctantly climbed out of bed and got started on the day.

As she settled in to her office chair and started to work, she looked out the window at another gray, cold, windy day and wished the sun would shine, even if just for a little bit. She sighed a deep sigh and thought to herself “This weather won’t last forever, spring will come soon enough” and then she sighed again.

As the lady pulled her attention back to the computer on the desk in front of her, she saw something move out of the corner of her eye.  Looking back toward the window, she saw the tiniest little chickadee sitting on her windowsill.  The tiny bird was chirping and singing and jumping from place to place.  Soon the lady noticed other birds flying all around in the trees outside.  Male and female cardinals dashing in and out and all around the bird feeders that were hanging on the balcony.

Seeing these beautiful birds singing and flying with happiness and ease, she couldn’t help but think about the lesson they had to teach anyone who took the time to pay attention.  The birds didn’t seem to notice that the sky was gray or that the weather was cold and dreary.  They didn’t seem to complain that the bird feeder only had a few available perches for each to sit on, but instead they seemed to share without a fuss. It didn’t seem to bother the birds that the squirrels were waiting nearby for any little piece of seed that might fall to the ground and they didn’t even notice the dogs sleeping close to their beloved feeder.

Watching the birds, the lady couldn’t help but smile.  Not only did the energy and beauty of the birds warm her heart but their ability to be happy, when the world around them was less than lovely, served as a gentle reminder that people should do the same.  It reminded her that in the middle of difficult circumstances, pressing issues and trying situations we all have a choice to sing or go silent.  We can let the strong winds of life blow us down or we can lean in to them and let them help us soar like never before.

Turning her attention back to her work, her load felt a little lighter and joy filled her heart.  The birds stayed outside her window throughout the day and she reminded herself periodically to stop and watch them play. She was so very glad that she was a grown up, with a grown-up job and grown up responsibilities so that she could have a desk with a window beside it and beautiful birds outside.

Yes – this little story is about me and my beautiful Friday. I love how God shows up each and every day, with the tiniest little blessings, small encouragements to take heart and be of good courage and to always, always remember that he loves us so!


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