100 Beautiful Days – Day Twelve

Day twelve

What is it that you need today friend? Are you walking a hard road with demands and expectations constantly weighing you down?  Is your family struggling with difficult decisions or broken relationships?  Maybe your world is spinning in the right direction but you have people depending on you to care for their needs and watching them grow older is breaking your heart.  Maybe a happily ever after is not turning out so happy and you are left picking up the pieces.

I want you to know that whatever it is, good or bad, God sees you and he knows your need.

When we walk through hard seasons sometimes we feel all alone.  We feel like God has left us or that he’s been caught off guard by our situation as much as we have.  The longer the situation lingers we feel hopeless and even angry, as if God sees us but refuses to act.

Let me promise you friend, God is not refusing to act but rather he is constantly working behind the scenes, moving the pieces of our lives around to create a beautiful picture. Our eyes can’t see all that He is doing on our behalf but by faith we must trust that he remains in control.

Our feelings fail us and if we lean heavily in to them we will spend our days bouncing back and forth between faith and fear.  We must not let our feelings have control.  We must remember our knowledge of Christ, our understanding of his character, who he is and how very much he loves us, that he wants good for us and the ones we love, this is what we must lean in to and we must trust him with all of our heart and soul.

The road will be bumpy and often rough and we can only see one piece at a time and not the finished project but we can trust the one who knows exactly how our story ends.  I’m not going to tell you that it will always end in comfort and happiness.  Very often our stories end differently than we had hoped and certainly different than how we would have written them but when we know God and trust him, then we understand that our stories are far more secure in his hands than in ours.

Wherever you are today, whatever you are walking through believe that this is not the end but rather simply a pause.  Believe that he is working out the details of his next move and that his timing is so much better than ours.  Take a deep breath and trust him friend.  He won’t let you down.

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