100 Beautiful Days – Day ten

Day 10

I see you friend, balancing a million balls in the air. Work, family, errands, school, homework, volunteering…the list goes on and on.  I see you and I get it. I’m right there with you. Life is busy and sometimes it feels like we are on a merry go round and can’t stop it long enough to step off.

But take heart…God has given us something wonderful to help us survive! I introduce to you…the dog!

 No matter how many times a day I come and go from my home, my dog is always sitting by the door waiting anxiously for me when I return. If I’ve been gone 5 minutes or five hours, her reaction to my arrival is the same every time.  Jumping, barking, running in circles, grabbing her sock for me to toss, and then of course, endless snuggles. It never gets old!

If I’m at home working, my little dog is right by my side changing rooms if I do.  If someone in the house is sick she dutifully lays beside them until they feel better.  She waits outside the bathroom door for me, lays in the kitchen floor while I cook, does tricks on command and is a wonderful listener.

She tolerates me putting goofy sweaters on her, forgives me when I buy the wrong dog food, gets straight A’s on her report card from the groomer and never complains when I ask her to run errands with me.

Today was a hard day in my land.  I’ve been balancing all of those balls all week and I’m running on empty. As I sat down with my computer to write about day 10, I wasn’t sure exactly what beautiful challenge or blessing I could share.  But then, my little Nickie dog curled up beside me, laid her head on my tummy and suddenly the cares of the day disappeared.

If you have a dog then you know exactly what I mean. You know that no matter how long your day has been, if you kept the balls balanced (or dropped a few along the way) your dog will still be waiting on you when you get home and love you unconditionally. And if you ask me, that’s a pretty beautiful thing!


P.S. – If you own a cat and not a dog…I’m sincerely sorry. 

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