100 Beautiful Days – Day 39

Day 39: Smart Life – it’s just a simple little app but it brings joy to my journey each and every day. You see, to make my life easier, my husband set up our balcony lights on a smart switch so that I can turn them on and off from my phone. It seems silly but I can’t tell you what a difference it makes in my crazy schedule. In the winter, when it gets dark early, I can hit the little button, several blocks from my home and wahla…my lights are on and waiting for me when I drive up. When I head to bed I can leave the lights on and enjoy the twinkling view until I’m ready to turn them off and then with the push of a button, off they go. I enjoyed the app so much that my husband now has my front porch canopy lights on a switch, the exercise with oxygen bikes on a switch AND timer also the living room lights and bathroom lights. It is so wonderful!!! The only down side is it makes it a little too easy to simply switch off the exercise bikes if I wake up tired and just don’t want to work out 🤪 Now, I’m fairly easy to entertain but let me say this little app has been tons of fun, I giggle most every time I use it and I play tricks on my family by flipping them on and off. It’s  just a little app but in the middle of some difficult days it has brought simplicity to my life and joy to my heart. So today, on Day 39 of 100 Beautiful Days, I celebrate modern technology, my husband who understands it and his willingness to use it to take care of me. Now, get out there and get yourself some smart switches but don’t tell your family. That way you can get joy in your journey by tricking your tribe too 🙂



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