100 Beautiful Days – Day 38

Day 38:  This very evening I looked at my husband and declared that I had done all of the “adulting” that I could do for the day and then I headed out to the balcony with my youngest daughter, bottles of bubbles in hand and soaked up a good 30 minutes of blowing bubbles in to the night sky!!

So much joy was added to my journey!

There was laughter and giggles and even guest bubble blowers and at the end of our time, my heart was happy and my shoulders much lighter.

I love a night out for dinner and a movie after a long week of work and I enjoy a nice massage like anyone else but let me suggest that you not discredit the mighty bottle of bubbles and this childlike behavior to send your cares flying away!

So today, on Day 38 of 100 Beautiful Days, I am thankful for bubbles and bubble wands and balconies and bubble buddies 🙂

If you’ve had a long day or long week filled with all the work and all the responsibilities and all the things then I encourage you to grab a bottle of bubbles and find joy in your journey!



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