100 Beautiful Days – Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen –

I have a flamingo in my pocket – and it makes me very happy!  It’s only a tiny flamingo, it’s made of plastic, has a fuzzy body and probably came out of a gumball machine but I love it nonetheless.

About a month ago, during kid’s church, one of the littles came up beside me and gently slipped the pink flamingo in my cardigan pocket.  This is nothing new, most Sunday’s I come home and find any number of little objects hiding in my pocket or colored pictures tucked in my Bible.  But on this particular day I was busy after church and I simply hung the cardigan up never thinking much about it again.  That is…until the next time I slipped on the cardigan.

I was going about my day when I put my hand in the cardigan pocket and nearly jumped out of my skin at discovering the fuzzy plastic creature.  I slowly pulled the object out of my pocket and couldn’t help but start laughing when I saw its adorable face.  I was instantly back to the morning in kid’s church when that sweet little one smiled up at me and slipped the tiny pink flamingo in my pocket.  As I continued about my day running errands I would periodically pull the pink flamingo out and giggle again.

Now, over a month later, I purposely keep the little critter tucked away in the pocket of the brown cardigan just so that I can pull it out and have an instant smile when I need it the most.  Today, while out handling all the things that come with a Monday, I again wore the brown cardigan and there in the pocket was my friend the pink flamingo just waiting to bring me joy. It’s the simple things I tell you, the simple things that make life beautiful!

Do you have a favorite sweater or cardigan that you love to wear, one that makes you feel warm and cozy and oh so very happy? Maybe you can find something that means so much to you, a trinket or gift from a child or grandchild, a tiny joy rock or something special from a friend and tuck it away in the cozy cardigan pocket.  Then each time you reach in the pocket you will be reminded of that special person or precious moment when you were given that tiny trinket.

If you don’t have something special to tuck away then may I suggest that you get yourself a tiny pink flamingo, made of plastic with a fuzzy body and keep it in your pocket? I promise it will make you smile.  But you can’t have mine!

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