100 Beautiful Days – Day Seventeen

Day seventeen –

Life for me is made even more beautiful when the spontaneous happens. Especially when the spontaneous includes the opportunity to help family and friends.  I’ve prayed for quite some time now that God would control my schedule and make it possible for me to be available and for my answer to be “yes” when someone in my life has a need.  God has been busy working that out and while my answer doesn’t always get to be yes, it happens more often than it used to.

Yesterday I had the chance to spend quality time with my father-in-law as he was hospitalized for surgery.  We had precious conversation, moments of laughter and special opportunities for wisdom and advice to be shared. We begged the nurse for coffee, talked about the future and overall just had a good time of bonding together.

As I was sitting next to his bed listening to him snore, with just the glow of the lights on the IV filling the room, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with thankfulness for the opportunity to be there.  Just hours before I had been sitting at my kitchen counter in Oklahoma, laptop open and working on a project when I got the message that he was having surgery. How wonderful that God had arranged my schedule so that now I was sitting in a quiet hospital room in Texas by my father-in-law’s side.

There are moments in time that simply take our breath away.  Moments when we realize that those prayers we have been praying are being answered. Moments that give us goose bumps and a warm heart because we just feel completely humbled by all that God is doing on our behalf.  Moments that bring a peace all around us and let us know that we are right where we are supposed to be.

Something wonderful about having a relationship with God is that those moments can happen anywhere and anytime.  The circumstances don’t always have to be pleasing for that peaceful feeling to sweep over us.  We can be in the middle of trying times and yet be met with the warm feeling that comes with the knowledge that God is working everything out.  Being aware of this working and His presence can take a regular day and turn it in to a beautiful day!

In what area of your life do you see God working everything out for your behalf?  In what ways can you slow down today and let that knowledge sink in and let the warm feeling that comes with that knowledge sweep over you?  If you have specific prayers that you need to see answered, how can you exercise faith in the middle of the chaos and waiting?




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