100 Beautiful Days – Day 38

Day 38:  This very evening I looked at my husband and declared that I had done all of the “adulting” that I could do for the day and then I headed out to the balcony with my youngest daughter, bottles of bubbles in hand and soaked up a good 30 minutes of blowing bubbles in to the night sky!!

So much joy was added to my journey!

There was laughter and giggles and even guest bubble blowers and at the end of our time, my heart was happy and my shoulders much lighter.

I love a night out for dinner and a movie after a long week of work and I enjoy a nice massage like anyone else but let me suggest that you not discredit the mighty bottle of bubbles and this childlike behavior to send your cares flying away!

So today, on Day 38 of 100 Beautiful Days, I am thankful for bubbles and bubble wands and balconies and bubble buddies 🙂

If you’ve had a long day or long week filled with all the work and all the responsibilities and all the things then I encourage you to grab a bottle of bubbles and find joy in your journey!



100 Beautiful Days – Day 33

Day thirty-three –

When you find yourself in the middle of a hard season, it’s important to reach out and grab the tiniest moments of rest and joy that come your way.  Sometimes that looks like a nap, sometimes that looks like a bubble bath or relaxing with a book, it might be a new workout or maybe…it’s tennis.

I’ve done all of the above and recently it was tennis!

You see these days I find myself in the car A LOT.  I’m on the road three days a week driving to the Oklahoma City area and back.  I drop my daughter off to appointments and then I hunt down the quietest little coffee shop I can find, pull out the laptop and work.  It’s been a challenge, at times, to find balance and manage to stay on top of my workload but it has also been sweet to watch how God has orchestrated it all, allowing me to be present and available.

My youngest makes this trip with me and we often put away the homework and projects a little early and go in search of a pretty neighborhood to drive through, a fun place to eat or make a stop in our favorite place on earth – Hobby Lobby!

But recently, while we were waiting, we had the chance to spend our time watching a few of my daughter’s friends play tennis in the state tournament.  The sun was coming and going behind the clouds, there was a nice breeze and it was a perfect day to be outside.  Oh, there was work to be done, projects needing my attention and other places that I could have been, but in that moment, what the heart needed most was to sit beside my daughter in the spring air, support her friends and just breath!

I don’t know where you are in life right now friend.  Maybe you are in a challenging season where you feel pressed on every side or maybe not. But if you are, I encourage you to grab hold of the simple moments that you are given to slow down and breath.  If none come your way, then make them happen. Grab lunch with a friend, take a slow drive down the back roads home from work, or take a minute to sit in the sun.  Maybe you could grab your rain boots and go jump in some puddles. Hey – I’m a full-grown adult and I still jump in puddles (Hint – It’s way more fun with a friend).

Whatever comes your way today, look for the joy – the gifts that God gives us – right smack dab in the middle of the mess.  They are like a lifeline, so reach out and grab them.

Be joyful –


100 Beautiful Days – Day 32

Day thirty-two,

This morning, this very morning, as I was yawning and stretching and doing my best to get moving, I heard a sound.  This sound, was the sound of our Great Pyrenees dog, Remington, whimpering, whining and begging for attention.

Here’s the deal: our dog loves our neighbor and our neighbor loves our dog.  Every morning our neighbor hollers “hello” to Remington as he leaves for work and every afternoon he stops at the fence when he gets home and asks Remington how his day was.  It’s a pretty special bond and its one that means the world to me.

You see, when we moved in to town from the farm, I was so very afraid that our big dog would never stay inside our yard.  I was afraid he would get out, terrorize the neighborhood, chase people’s cats, dig in the neighbor’s flower beds, bark all night and get us kicked out of the addition.  So, I commenced to praying that God would give us good neighbors. Neighbors that would love dogs. Neighbors that would be patient and longsuffering.  Neighbors that would enjoy Remington.

Well, Remington has been a complete gentleman and hasn’t once tried to get out or terrorize anything at all and God came through big time in answering my prayer.  Not only does our neighbor love Remington and talk to him every day, but he also tosses him leftovers, shares food fresh off the grill, buys him dog treats, tosses him toys and occasionally takes him over to his yard to play. Can you say “best neighbor ever?”

So, this morning, as our neighbor was milling about in his garage, Remington could see him and desperately wanted his attention.   Apparently, our neighbor was preoccupied and out of his routine and Remington was not happy about it at all.  Finally, our good neighbor came over to the fence and called out to Remington.

“Remington – come here boy. How are you this morning Remington? Yes, I see you, I know you’re a good boy. I still love you.”

My goodness gracious! A smile instantly spread across my face and before I had even had my first cup of coffee there was joy in my journey.  I thought about that conversation between dog and neighbor several times throughout the day. You know, I think maybe we are like that a little bit with God too.  Sometimes we are down here just whimpering and whining and begging for God’s attention. We feel like he’s forgotten us or doesn’t notice us or even care about our needs.  But then, if we wait patiently he calls us in and reminds us that he sees us, that he loves us and that everything is going to be ok.

On this, Day 32 of 100 Beautiful Days, that’s just what I needed.  What does your heart need today?  Where can you be watching for that little something that brings a smile to your face?  Keep your eyes open and I’m sure you will find it!