Houseplants – Day 45

I love houseplants.  Houseplants take a normal average room and turn in to a cozy little fresh air sanctuary.  Houseplants make things a little better and a little brighter, just by being around.

This time last year my husband went on a houseplant shopping spree and brought home several interesting and incredible plants.  Most have fared really well in our sunny little living room and others have taken a ride on the struggle bus.  Either way, it’s been fun to watch them grow and change and brighten our space.

Last night, as I was struggling to settle in for bed, I walked around the house for a bit and just looked at each of the plants.  There were a few that had some leaves turning brown, some that needed to be turned so that the other side could face the sun for a while, a few that seemed to be weighed down by vines hanging too long and still others that appear to be outgrowing their space.

As I was looking at each of the different conditions, I couldn’t help but make application to my own life.  You see, those plants that have a few brown leaves are not withering up and dying but they do have some leaves that need to be clipped and discarded.  The plants that need to be turned aren’t dying either, they just need an adjustment to how they are sitting and receiving the sun.  Same goes for the ones outgrowing their space, they just need to be transferred to a different pot or moved to a new location and they will be fine.  What about the ones with vines hanging too long, blessed by growth but weighed down by it as well?  They just need a few clippings removed and because those clippings are healthy they can be placed in a glass of water and left to sprout roots – leading to new plant life!

If I take a lesson from the plants, then I learn that periodically I need to evaluate my life and when I find habits, activities or even responsibilities that don’t serve me and my family well, then much like the little brown leaves, I might need to clip them off and let them go.  When I find that I’m discontent or my growth is stunted, maybe I need to change my surroundings or look at where I’m spending my time and determine what move needs to be made to land me in an environment where I can be pushed to grow and flourish.  When seasons in life push me to a place of new growth and depth with God, much like the plants with vines hanging long, I need to make sure that I use that new growth to help others become rooted in their faith and encourage new growth in them as well.

Houseplants are wonderful – and who knew they could teach us such valuable lessons? As you navigate this season of “sheltering at home” and “social distancing” what lessons have you learned?  Have you evaluated your life and taken in to consideration those areas that might need to change?  Maybe you need to let a few things go or maybe you need to make some adjustments so that you can grow and be the best YOU that you can be.  Maybe you need to take a deep breath and find a way to share your growth with others!  Whatever it is, I encourage you to take some time before things return to “normal” and look at your life like a houseplant – I promise they are excellent teachers.

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