Rainy Days – Day 44

I’ll admit it – I’m one of the crazy ones!  I love a rainy day!  We’re not talking about excess here, I wouldn’t want to live where it rains every day and is cloudy all of the time, but I do love the occasional rainy day.  I think it goes back to my childhood on the farm and memories that a rainy day stirs up.  Life on the farm was pretty busy but when it rained, things slowed down just a little.  They didn’t come to a halt, they just moved a little slower and brought us all together in the house a little longer.

Some of my best memories are from rainy days on the front porch sitting beside my daddy as he would hum and whittle and watch it rain.   I would curl up in a blanket in a lawn chair beside him, watch the rain move across the pasture and just soak it all up.  It makes my heart warm just thinking about it.  Rainy days can be good days, they can  be blanket forts in the living room days, card games around the table days or curl up with a good book days!

What are some of your favorite memories of rainy days?  How can you make the next one special?  Share them with me – I’d love to hear about them!  Add joy to your journey by finding the best in every day that comes along – rainy or not!

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