100 Beautiful Days – Day 36

Day 36: Friends…it’s the little things that bring joy to my journey!  Do you see that car door standing open?  It’s a normal every day occurrence for most but recently (as in the last 6 months or so) my car door will not stay open!  I open it to get out, turn around to grab something and then turn back to get out of the car only to discover the door has closed!! I can’t find any logical reason for the change, nothing mechanically appears to be wrong. I’ve tried every trick I could think of but to no avail. I’ve spoken kind to it 😘😘 I’ve spoken not so kind to it 😡😡 but nothing has worked to keep my car door open long enough for me to gather my things and get out. Until today…this very 36th day of 100 Beautiful Days!! Today, I pulled in to my driveway, turned off the car and opened my door. In my kindest voice I said “Please door, stay open for me” gathered my things and turned back expecting to find the door closed again. Imagine my surprise when I found my door standing open!  I literally squealed with excitement!  Perhaps right now, you think I’m crazy and perhaps I am. But if you are honest then you know that sometimes it’s the tiniest little things that bring a smile to your face!  So today, I salute my car door for doing its job well and for bringing joy to my day. I count it as a tiny gift…and I’m thankful for it!  Keep choosing joy in your journey!


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