100 Beautiful Days – Day 37

Day 37: Sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary day, you have the ever so wonderful, super fantabulous, absolute magnificent chance to spend time with a sloth!  This little guy made my day and while I may be a full grown adult(ish) human, I still squealed with joy, right along with the children, when Sid made his appearance.  I was captivated by the little guy for pretty much the entire evening.

I held a precious little wallaby and fell head over heals in love, snuggled an adorable fox with giant ears and wanted to take it home, stood eye ball to eye ball with an owl monkey and then, in a moment of insanity, I held a 70 pound python and thought I might be eaten alive 😮 but in the end I just kept coming back, catching one more picture and one more glimpse of that slow moving, ever so lazy, adorable Sid the sloth.

Maybe I relate to Sid as I move pretty slow myself and have an absolute love of squash just like he did or maybe I just totally appreciated his extra calm demeanor and incredible ability to bury his head and go to sleep when the chaos around him became too much!! Whatever it was he brought joy to my heart and kept me totally intrigued.

So, for Day 37 of 100 Beautiful Days, I celebrate the joy of having met this little guy and getting to hang out with him for a while.

If you haven’t made the acquaintance of a sloth then I strongly suggest you do…it just might make your day a little brighter too!!

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