100 Beautiful Days – Day 30

Day thirty –

The sun is just coming up. It was a late night, last night followed by an early morning.  There is a pile of laundry in a chair nearby that needs folding, another load in the dryer and one in the wash. The dishwasher needs to be started, the dogs need food and the morning workout isn’t going to tackle itself. There are plenty of things that I should be accomplishing right now but I’m just sitting here in my office chair being very, very thankful for…sticky notes.

Sticky notes keep me sane! I have them plastered on the wall near my desk, you can find them on my bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator and even in my car.  They remind me of projects I need to accomplish, bills that need to be paid and phone calls that I should make.  I post them with quotes that inspire me, names of those I’m praying for and I write my favorite verses on them and place them in strategic places where I can be reminded of God’s love.  I even have sticky notes inside my bible and in my purse that others have given me with words of kindness and affirmation.

They come in all colors, sizes and styles and I love them with my whole heart.  So today on Day 30 of 100 beautiful days I find joy in my journey with the sticky note.  It’s a simple thing but in a world of chaos and crazy, sticky notes bring order and help keep me on track.

Do you use sticky notes? If you don’t, you should!  Go straight away and buy some.  Write notes to yourself, draw a happy face, remind yourself to call a friend.  Find a color that makes you happy or find one with a design that makes you smile.  Jot down a note to a co-worker and stick it to their computer or leave a note to your spouse.  Use them to inspire, motivate, remind and organize.  The sticky note can handle it all and is up to the task.  Sticky note – we salute you.  Thank you for being you!!

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