100 Beautiful Days – Day 27

Day Twenty–Seven,

Sometimes in the middle of a freezing cold, pouring rain, dreary kind of day you catch a glimpse of something and it makes you smile.  Yesterday – as I was braving the cold to pick up groceries, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a big red and black bus parked in the shopping center near the local McDonalds.

Now, living in a college town, it isn’t unusual at all to see buses from schools across the state all around town.  They come here from miles away for academic events, choir and band competitions, sports camps and other contests, hosted at the college.

But on this dreary day, when I caught a glimpse of the red and black bus, I knew, even through the pouring rain, that it was my hometown people! I waited until I got in a place where I had a better view, did a quick glance over and sure enough it was.  A smile came across my face and my heart instantly filled with pride.

Now hear me on this, I’ve been out of high school for 30 years.  3-0! But still, no matter where I am, if I pass a hometown bus on the interstate or see it in a parking lot or end up at a local event where my hometown team is participating, my heart is happy and I can’t help but smile. I flash back to pep rallies, livestock shows, struggling through math, stinky hallways, choir competitions, being late for class, football games, homecoming parades and so much more.  It was a pretty simple time and my hometown was a pretty great place.

So on day twenty seven of 100 Beautiful Days, like a crazy lady, I circled back around, car full of groceries and all, and stealthily (or maybe creepily), found a way to snap a picture of that beautiful bus.  I’m sure the bus driver, sitting patiently in the driver’s seat waiting on the students to return from lunch, wanted to call the cops on this strange lady, but I was determined to capture the moment.

What simple thing brought joy to your heart today?  It doesn’t have to be something fancy or perfect or wonderful.  Just simple.  Like your hometown school bus parked at McDonalds.  Looking for the tiny moments throughout our day is what makes life beautiful. When they happen, notice them, capture them and hold on to them in your heart.

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