100 Beautiful Days – Day 26

Day Twenty-Six

Lunch – let’s talk about it. I love to eat and I especially love to eat with people I love!

I love the look of the food spread across the table, the aromas filling the air, the clanking of the silverware, the little side conversations taking place at the table or in the kitchen and just the overall energy that comes with gathering together.

Even on those occasions when we go out to eat I still love the tables pushed together to make room for everyone, the laughter as those of us who are decision challenged try to choose what we want and the little conversations and games that go on all around the table.

Gathering together for a meal is one of my most favorite things! 

On Sunday, we gathered together for lunch.  It wasn’t a large crowd, just six of us but it was six of the people I love.  The food had been prepared with us in mind, there were desserts to celebrate my husband’s recent birthday and there was time to step away from the normal every day and just relax with family.  We enjoyed laughter, a little razzing and teasing, some environmental debates all punctuated with delicious barbecue ribs, fried okra and giant twice baked potatoes!  Oh, the joy!

My kids are all mostly grown now and it has become more and more difficult to get them all gathered around the table at once. Time passes and I know the days of gathering together will not be as often as it once was. So, as I looked around the table Sunday and watched as my girls helped my mom in the kitchen, I was so thankful for the beauty of coming together.  Thankful for the guidance that I could see and overhear, words of advice and wisdom being passed along and for the laughter.

Life gets busy but I encourage you to take time to sit around the table.  Gather together, play table games, eat good food and make great memories. Put away the cell phones, turn off the TV and linger around the table. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t even have to be homemade it just needs to be together! Let gathering together make your day beautiful!  I believe you will be glad you did!

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