100 Beautiful Days – Day 25

Day Twenty-Five

Can we just talk about Llamas for a minute!  I’m pretty crazy about the fuzzy critters and next to giraffes I would say that they are my favorite land dwelling animal.  Well, wait maybe not, maybe cows are my favorite and giraffes are my second or is it elephants second and llamas first, but where would that leave dogs and horses and my goodness I forgot pigs.  Oh, good grief!  I’m not sure and it doesn’t even matter!  I love animals and llamas are right there at the top of the list!

I also love children’s books.  Yes, I’m a full grown soon to be 48-year old woman who, no matter what book store or library she enters, goes straight to the children’s book section. Don’t judge me! Among my all-time absolute favorite children’s books are the Llama, Llama series. From Llama, Llama Red Pajama to Llama, Llama Mad at Mama and every Llama, Llama book in between…I love them all!

That ornery little llama has made me laugh over the years as I’ve read his adventures to my children. Made me smile with excitement as I’ve picked out copies for my grandchild and made me fall in love with llamas in general.

Today, God made me smile with the unexpected gift of llamas. No, he did not give me actual live llamas. He gave me the surprise of turning to the back of my planner to a page I had not yet seen and discover that it was filled with llamas!

On the surface, this may seem like such a simple and innocent thing but let me tell you, it made my day! I’m in a season of seeking God for some really big stuff.  I’ve got some big prayers and I need some big answers. But, while I’m in this season, I cannot get so busy watching for the big stuff that I forget to notice the little stuff along the journey.  Like the way that he shows me, through the tiniest little gifts, that He sees me and He knows me so very well.

Some would say that page of llamas was just a fluke, a little design by the planner people and has nothing to do with God.  Well, I guess in my children’s book brain I just believe that everything has something to do with God.

So today, on this 25thday of 100 Beautiful Days I’m thankful for that page full of llamas. They made me smile, made me feel loved and made my heart oh so very happy.

What big stuff are you seeking God for today?  Where in your life are you reminded that God sees you and loves you?  While you wait for the big answers are there little gifts that He gives you to let you know He’s still working in your life?  Write them down, look back on them in trying days and let your heart be filled with happiness in the waiting.

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