100 Beautiful Days – Day 24

Day Twenty-Four

I don’t know about you but I’m just awe struck with all that God allows us to take part in! The way that He lets our lives crisscross with others and how He uses simple interactions to connect us to people who bless us and who we can bless. Honestly when I stop to think about it I’m overwhelmed with the beauty of it all.

When we keep our eyes open and walk right in to all that He invites us to, we have the chance to be a part of some amazing moments.  The opportunity to pray with others who deeply need us, to lift one another up with kind words and encouragement and to share in the joy, the sadness, the progress, the love…the journey!

It really is amazing, exciting and quite humbling!

 I think sometimes we muddy the waters and make faith harder than it has to be.  I think we put it all in a box like there has to be a perfect plan or perfect circumstances in order for us to love people the way that God would have us to.   When honestly, we really just need to remain childlike, be awake and ready – watching for how God wants to move in the tiniest of moments and the most monumental.  Oh, he doesn’t need us to do the work, He could do it without us but He draws us in, invites us to come along and as we say “YES”, we get to be amazed by all that He is doing.  It might get a little messy at times but it’s a beautiful mess and oh so worth it!

If God impresses on your heart today to bless someone, I hope that you will.  I hope that you won’t overthink it or over analyze it. Can I?, Should I? Will they laugh at me? What if?  Just listen to that little tugging on your heart and walk across the room.   Get in the middle of all that God is up to and then look around you at what He is doing.  Be prepared for goosebumps and tears because He’s a big God, an amazing God and being on His team is crazy amazing!  But what a team it is!!

Now go be a blessing…and be blessed!


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