100 Beautiful Days – Day 22

Day Twenty-Two

Sometimes, in the very beginning of February, God gives you an unseasonably warm day!  When you are gifted with this type of day in the middle of winter, you fling back your curtains, throw open your windows and do a happy dance!

When that type of day collides with a Sunday – well it’s just almost perfect.

If it came on a day when work was piled to the ceiling and there was not time to stop and enjoy it, oh the sorrow that would be felt!  If it came on a day when there were doctor’s visits or meetings to be held, oh the sadness would be too much!  But when it comes on a Sunday, when life is geared down and slow going, when the theme of the day is rest (It’s in the Bible) and when you can truly enjoy the day without feeling guilty…oh the joy!

For today there was no shivering, no bulky coats, no running from building to building just trying to stay warm.  No, it was pleasant, enjoyable and oh so very needed.

So, for day twenty two of 100 Beautiful Days I salute the unseasonably warm day that graced us with its presence today.  I give thanks for this little gift that makes the heart sing, helps the attitude believe that it can survive the winter, and gives the soul a glimpse of all that is to come!

I salute you, warm day and I thank you God for this gift!

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