100 Beautiful Days – Day Twenty

Day Twenty –

Vegetables people!! Vegetables!  That’s what makes day twenty a beautiful day.

Oh, not just any vegetables but yummy ones like kale and spinach, celery root and cauliflower, onions and leeks and garlic – oh my! Add in the fact that these delicious garden gifts arrived at my door already cut up, in cute little cups that fit perfectly in my freezer and voila!  You have a beautiful day!!  These pre-made little bundles of goodness will help my daughter eat healthy and will make our schedules less hectic.

At first, I struggled with ordering this box of deliciousness because it seems so odd to order vegetables and have them show up in a box on the door step.  Just two years ago we had a large garden growing and fresh vegetables were available at all times.  I spent hours picking and cutting and chopping and blanching and freezing and canning!!!  The process was wonderful, the garden was beautiful but the work was exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong, I was incredibly thankful for the garden.  My husband worked diligently at tilling the soil, planting the seeds, weeding and making it look lovely.  My son designed an irrigation system and everyone was involved in picking the produce. It was so nice growing our own fresh, organic, healthy food but our schedules are different now and there just isn’t time to get it all done.

I buy a lot of produce, cut it up and keep it ready for baking and steaming and throwing in the juicer for a healthy drink.  But sometimes, you just need a touch of easy.  Sometimes you need a box of yumminess to show up on your doorstep so that your daughter can grab a cup of happiness and enjoy her day!  Sometimes that’s all it takes to make life beautiful!

What is something simple that you can change in your schedule that would make life a little less stressful and more beautiful?  Maybe a box delivered to your door, an online order or an evening of take out? Whatever it is, I encourage you to do it.  And if it’s a box of yummy goodness delivered to your door, may I suggest the cauliflower, lemongrass and kale cup!

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