100 Beautiful Days – Day Fifteen

Day fifteen –

There was a birthday in our house yesterday!  Oh, the joy!!

Anytime there is a birthday in our house the fun is over the top.  There are streamers and candles and cake and celebrations galore.  Endless amounts of attention are given to the birthday boy or girl and they get to choose the activities for the day.

Birthday’s make my heart incredibly happy and I absolutely love to celebrate my people.  I just see that special day as a chance to be thankful for another year together and it’s just not something to be taken for granted.

So – for the man of the house – who had a big birthday yesterday, we brought everything to a screeching halt and just spent the day letting him choose what we would do.  He had asked for a “cake size version” of a Hostess cupcake.  He used to carry them in his lunchbox as a kid and he thought that sounded fun.

Well, we’ve already established that my cooking skills are slim to none but baking has always kind of been my thing so…I determined to give him the cake of his dreams.  The girls and I hit the kitchen and started baking! Four round chocolate cakes, marshmallow, powdered sugar, heavy cream and butter for the filling and four containers of chocolate icing!!  THE YUMMINESS OF IT ALL!!

We were stacking and filling and icing and getting so excited when suddenly we realized that we needed to put the cake on my lovely cake pedestal for better appearance.  So – we all gathered around (yes it took all five of the family members), we contemplated and calculated and counted and held our breath.  FLIP……….FLOP!!

We made it over from pan to pedestal but one side of the cake was compromised and out started oozing our yummy cupcake filling.  Admittedly we were sad but there really wasn’t time to notice the emotion because we were all too busy rolling on the floor laughing.

So, what set out to be a cool “cake version” of a Hostess Cupcake ended up being a “bowl version” of a Hostess cupcake.  I guess that makes it a bowl cake.  Truly it was a Pinterest fail

My husband was an excellent sport and even said it reminded him of what his cupcakes used to look like by lunchtime, after they had been carried to school, shoved in a locker and smashed.

We all agreed it was much better that it turned out this way because oh, the memories we made, and the cake was delicious!  What a beautiful day when we can celebrate the people we love and make wonderful memories along the way!

How do you celebrate your people on their birthdays?  Maybe next time you can try a cupcake cake too!


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