100 Beautiful Days – Day Three

Day 3

It isn’t often that a member of my tribe finds themselves sick. I put a lot of effort in to prevention and on any given day I’m tracking them down and handing them essential oils, vitamin C, Elderberry, colloidal silver or any other interesting concoction of supplements.  I’ve been made fun of and very often they roll their eyes and call me a nut, but for the most part they stay pretty healthy.

However, the first week of 2019 has found three of my five people down for the count. I’m thinking our late nights and holiday fun might have caught up to them, but shhhhh, don’t tell them because next year they’ll use it as an excuse to not participate.

Long story short, I’ve been playing doctor mom for the first 10 days of the new year and it’s been just a little hectic at times. One day I caught myself inwardly sighing and beginning to silently complain.  I’m sure you’ve heard this self-talk before, it goes something like this “I can’t believe the new year is beginning like this, I want a restart” or maybe “Why does everyone have to be sick at one time, don’t they know there is just one of me?”

Come on now, just one person has to tell me that you’ve said these words to yourself or at least started to, because if not then I’m really going to feel like a meanie pants!

But here’s the deal, right in the middle of thinking those not so nice thoughts, I had the realization of something wonderful.  I realized that had this happened at the beginning of 2018 I would have been trying to balance taking care of my tribe while being away at work, running in on my lunch hour to check on them and then back out the door until after hours.  I would have felt bad for leaving them and wished that I could be home with them while they were feeling so icky, making them soup and being available if they felt worse.

After making some changes a few months ago, I now do most of my work from home. Although I stay plenty busy, I’m available for my people when they need me most.  So, as I was handing out medicine and setting up diffusers, taking temps and fixing yummy food, I wasn’t worried about missing work or feeling guilty because I needed to be two places at one time.  I was simply able to shift my obligations around, get my work done and be doctor mom to the ones who need me the most.

This simple realization (that came right in the middle of a sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, frustrating mess) brought a sense of peace to my soul and a smile to my face. It also brought about a change of attitude and allowed me to be oh so very thankful for a God who loves me enough to make a way for the desires of my heart.

What super cool thing has God done in your life lately?  What are you walking through that warrants complaint but that you can choose to see from a different perspective?  Often in the middle of the mess, a shift in our perspective can bring a little extra beauty to our day!

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