Sleep Well

So often, when I come to the end of the day, I head to bed feeling like a failure.  If I’m not careful, I look too closely at those things I didn’t accomplish instead of focusing on the things I did.

I wonder though, how many things do we place on our to do lists that God doesn’t want there at all?  What heavenly assignments are we missing out on while rushing to accomplish earthly tasks?

When I examine my own life I find that often I get caught up in seeing how much I can get done in a day or how well I can multi task.  Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with being efficient and in fact I believe we should strive for efficiency, but not at the cost of being aware of those around us and available to the people God would bring across our paths.

What task remains on your list from today?  What line item is not checked off and is staring up at you…taunting you, almost mocking you?  Don’t feel guilty about the unfinished business of the day.  Unless God placed it on your heart to accomplish before the rooster crows then simply move it to tomorrow’s list and call it good.

Instead of looking at your to do list through your eyes, try looking at it through God’s.  Once you do that I believe that peace will come and you can finish your day trusting you did all that you could do.  Give that a try!  Sleep well friends!



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